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A selection of Invacio’s M.A.S. AI cyber-security and intelligence solutions.


Invacio has extended its dynamic neural network into a complex of truly intelligent environments and services for our end-users. Autonomous products and solutions for an autonomous future.



Led by a number of security specialists — experts in areas such as “white hat” hacking, cryptography, automated threat intelligence, penetration testing, threat analysis, and vulnerability management — and growing directly from the research done at Invacio Labs — Invacio Security works to combine and apply the whole power of its AI, machine learning and data-analytic technologies to create original intelligence and cyber-security solutions.

Using streaming media and more than 100,000 live satellite and CCTV networks that span the entire globe, including public places such as airports, car parks, shopping malls, and entertainment and industrial complexes — Invacio is able to keep autonomous, inexhaustible, and intelligent watch for notable and wanted figures.

We train the system to recognize, track and locate these figures in real time. But also the system is constantly seeking out, gathering, analyzing and organizing all the data it can from every available source —harvesting directly from database and non-database sources all over the web, including the deep web — this enormous wealth of data is compiled to reveal patterns and associations which might otherwise never come to light — allowing comprehensive pictures of movements and associations to be drawn.

Combined with Invacio’s APIs — SECURITY allows identities and locations to be established, biometrics such as height and weight approximated, gender specified, key facial attributes and decorations determined, emotional states evaluated and tracked, and allow even the written and spoken word to be picked out from media in real time, comprehended and sentiment analyzed. Invacio ingeniously transforms noise from the most diverse possible range of mediums into information invaluable for intelligence, defence, and security.

Invacio Security has created a technology so sensitive to and observant of the world and its changes it is able to keep pace with security and intelligence threats, however quickly they evolve.

The above are only a small number of the ways in which Invacio’s data, API and AI-technologies might be applied, and given by way of example. Our development teams and Invacio Labs welcome approaches and queries from interested parties about the creation of custom solutions to intelligence and security needs.

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